Lowest Common Denominator: Lucky, October

1: Estimated number of photos shot of Kristen Bell for the
cover. Why would they use this awkward-looking one if they had any others?


10: Days’ worth of foundation Estee Lauder will supply for
free, according to their ad, which also notes that the makeup must be “right
for the way you live”

Under 20: Approximate number of remaining celebrities
without their own fragrance collections now that Kat Von D has one (advertised
on page 56)

$2,495: Price of a Chanel bag featured in “Lucky Editors
Answer: What’s your no-apologies splurge?” Also, note how Lucky makes it sound
like buying a Chanel purse is an act of self-empowerment. Because you need a designer bag to fulfill your potential as a human

80: Page on which editor Jenny Kang describes the “corpse
bride” as her fashion inspiration in “What I Want Now”

All of them: Individual hairs on my head I will remove in frustration if a fashion
magazine glamorizes death one more time

$79, $50, and $30: The actually affordable price tags of the
jeans Lucky calls “affordable” on page 92

100: Page which recommends a $23 skort from Land’s

6,731: Since reading that, instances I've wondered whether we're really doing skorts again, and if so, WHY?

4,529,023: Including the one on page 132, estimated number
of mentions on Cover Girl’s Outlast lipstain pen in women’s magazines in the
last few months

2: Number of Cover Girl lipstains I’ve purchased in those
same months

“Lots”: According to photographer Mario Testino, the amount
of “very good sex” model Carmen Kass has enjoyed. Jean Godfrey-June reports
that Testino reportedly described Kass to Michael Kors by saying, “Zees leg…you only
get a leg like zees by having lots of very good sex.”

3: Products required to create the “disheveled ponytail” in
“Hair Styles We Love Now”

$575: Price of a purse Lucky describes as “so rich” on page

Not a single bit: Discretion about advertorial displayed by
placing an ad for the YSL fragrance Parisienne in the middle of a spread about
Parisian style. Subtle!

12 thoughts on “Lowest Common Denominator: Lucky, October

  1. haha! :) Love your blog – just found it today after having googled “ji baek’s diet”!

    One of the reason’s why the magazines are so out-of-touch with reality relative to the Depression 2 we are experiencing as a nation, is that many girlfriends and wives of i-bankers, hedge fund guys and Wall Streeters work at the fashion magazines.

    Visit: http://www.dabagirls.com

    The NYT did an article about them last year and a number of the daba girls interviewed work for fashion mags. Explains the sociopathic bent of it all….

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  3. first of all the word “skort” is disgusting and should be forever removed from the English language.
    second, loved your post. i dont think ive ever visited your site, but ill have to add you to my blogroll. how else will my lazy ass remember the url?
    and third, im sure what Carmen Kass really said was something more along the lines of “I has los of very good ses…*muffled whisper* suan shrimp…”

  4. Oh god, that daba website is ridiculous: “Are you or someone you love dating a banker? If so, we are here to support you through these difficult times.” Oh, you mean the investment banker bonus thing going on? Boohoo.

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