Scoping Out September Issues: Glamour

A seasonal feature in which we take a purely superficial look at those massive September editions.  Pages and pages of fall fashion!  In-depth interviews with famous people!  Hours of reading!  Inches-thick issues!  Resultant muscle strain!


Issue weight: 1.6 pounds

Issue thickness: a smidge under half an inch

Who’s on the cover: Claire Danes, Queen Latifah, and Mariska Hargitay

Who bought the back cover: Banana Republic

Number of ad pages between the cover and the table of contents: 27
(including, conveniently enough, a two-page Cover Girl spread featuring Queen Latifah)

Total number of pages: 418

How many of those pages are ads: 285 (source; we didn’t count)

Most intriguing cover line:   

Biggest issue in 20 years!

We find this bit interesting not on its own merits, but because we wonder whether the magazine’s touting ads, not content: Glamour last reached 285 ad pages in a September edition in 1986 (source).  Also, the rest of the cover lines are truly dull.

Subscription cards: Only 4

Cosmetic samples: 2 (a perfume strip for Ralph Lauren Romance, and a foil-sealed sample of Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup)

Is it portable? Low potential for inadvertently leaving a trail of postage-paid subscription cards + content that won’t embarrass when someone reads over your shoulder/almost two pounds of paper, 68 percent of which are ads= moderately portable

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