Marie Claire Writer Finds Love, Loses Readers

We aren’t expecting Marie Claire to be a bastion of journalistic
integrity, but is it asking too much for its writers to
not develop crushes on their subjects? (Or, at a minimum, could the writers attempt to conceal their true
feelings in hopes of producing a vaguely unbiased and/or non-nauseating story?  Yeah, we’d settle for something completely biased but devoid of saccharine.) Writer George Gurley was clearly feeling the
love for Ivanka Trump when he profiled her for “Trump Power” in the magazine’s
February issue. Marie_claire_february_cate_blanchett_1

Ivanka, the vice president of
real-estate development and acquisitions for the Trump Organization, impeccably
groomed and straining the buttons of her red shirtdress, picks up a fat stack
of papers and slams them onto her desk.

Um, what was the point of that
sentence? To not-so-subtly mention her

By the time we get a few more
fawning paragraphs in, George is practically salivating.

Besides the plump lips, Ivanka has
clearly inherited a little of her father’s P.T. Barnum instincts…

And then comes this loving description:

She scrunches her velvety brow.

Not to worry, though, just when you
can practically see George’s sweat dripping onto his computer as he types up
his love letter to Ms. Trump, all his pent-up frustration finds release when
interviewer and interviewee meet at a restaurant.

…she offers me a social kiss. Don’t mind if I do!

Oh, how thrilling to see George’s
fantasies come to fruition! Fortunately,
George spares us the details of how, once Ivanka left the restaurant, he sipped
from her water glass and tenderly brushed her discarded cloth napkin against
his cheek.  After all, it takes a little mystery to make a romance work.

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